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Monitoring Superfast Broadband Roll-Out in the Devon County Council Area
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Funding for bringing Superfast Broadband to the Devon County Council Area is not what it seems. That the vast majority of the Area is in no better position than it was before Funding.

Congratulations to BT for progress made in Superfast Cornwall - from all in Superslow Devon
See Examples of Superfast Broadband  Click Here  Business Can do a Whole Lot More as Well
Only 5 Telephone Exchange in Devon County Council Area planned for future BT Fibre Optic Roll-Out!

Funded 27th May 2011 -- 16 Long  Months before any tangible information being released! £2.9 Million Administration!
Keeping Devon in the Dark with Public Money!

Core Brief:

'If our bid is successful then delivery would start in early 2012
and be complete by 2015'

The aim of the project is to, “deliver faster Broadband for all by 2015
and Superfast Broadband for all by 2020″.

( A small increase for all by 2015 - job done!)

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Application for spring 2011 BDUK Award Round Funding

or View Online Here

Only 3 Places in the Devon County Council Area have previously made it to the BT Fibre Optic Roll-Out Plan.

Exeter - Delivered

Ivybridge - Delivered

Dartmouth - March 2012

Another 4 Exchanges have been fortunate to have been chosen for Fibre Optic Roll-Out (FTTC) in 2012.

Only another 95% to go... (Approx)

See Listing Below

BT Superslow Broadband (up to 8Mbps) (up to 20Mbps) is the same price as BT Infinity (up to 40 Mbps).

In reality, broadband is little better than dial-up in parts of Devon. Poor copper wiring with dry joints amplify the loss of signal coupled with distance from the exchange.

Superfast Broadband is delivered by Fibre Optic Cable to the Street Cabinet (FTTC).

Fibre Optic cable can be laid through existing ducts or attached on existing poles and one could go the length of this Country without losing signal.

Not that this ease of delivery need be translated into will or illustrated other than as near impossible.

But Cornwall with the Isles of Scilly and other Areas are an example that it can be done and is being done.

There are about 100 Telephone Exchanges involved for the Council Areas below. At some stage these will be placed against the Councils.

See the Rough List Here

There are 8 District/Borough Councils within the Devon County Council Area. This is the state of superfast broadband delivery in each.

East Devon District Council

Exmouth - BT Openreach 2012 Delivery

Exeter City Council 

BT Infinity & Virgin Media in place

Mid Devon District Council

Zero Superfast Broadband

North Devon District Council

Zero Superfast Broadband

South Hams District Council

Dartmouth - BT Openreach 2012 Delivery

Ivybridge - BT Infinity in place

Teignbridge District Council

Newton Abbot - Virgin Media in place
Newton Abbot - BT Openreach 2012 Delivey
Teignmouth - BT Openreach 2012 Delivery

Torridge District Council

Bridgerule - BT Openreach 2012 Delivery

West Devon Borough Council

Zero Superfast Broadband

If you are happy with paying the same price for your broadband and receiving far less for many years to come - then take no notice.

If you are happy to pay the same taxes for less - then take no notice.

But if you want to take notice - raise the matter of superfast broadband and its installation in Devon - at every opportunity.



This website is public facing to enable those in the Devon County Council area to understand that funding is not being used or sought to provide superfast broadband,  as in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly or Northern Ireland, for example. The percentage of intended supply is small when viewed over 5 Council areas.

Where it is expected that the private sector would deliver superfast broadband - these areas are being passed over.

This means that a great majority of Towns and Villages will not be getting Superfast Broadband for a very long time - being passed over further by BT for fibre optic roll-out.

This has happened time and time again on the BT Openreach roll-out plans.

Where these 'passed over' areas are is not public knowledge.


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